PhD Candidate – Jee Hwan Lee


Jee Hwan studies carbamazepine, an antiepileptic drug, affects on aquatic environments to understand toxicity on yellow perch.



PhD Student – Jessica Maule


Jessica ‘s research focuses on the influence of earthworms on soil productivity and nitrogen mineralization for sustainable agriculture.


MS Student – Stephen Davies


Stephen’s research goal is to quantify spatial and temporal variation in trace organic contaminant abundance in wetlands and identify factors that influence degradation.


MS Student – Brittany Maule


Brittany studies areas where humans directly impact the environment, and how science communication can transmit knowledge and change behavior in these issues.



MS Student – Scott Zello


Scott is studying how endocrine disrupting compounds affect freshwater snail (Physa acuta) reproduction, growth, behavior, and mortality.





Daniel Elias, PhD – Postdoctoral Associate IUPUI

Ben Kreitner, MS – City of Columbia, Missouri

Aaron Marti, MS – Wisconsin Dept Natural Resources

Andrea Fitzgibbon, MS – pursuing a PhD at Kent State University

Rob Osborne, MA  – Microbiologist, Eli Lilly

Amanda Jarvis, MS – Research Technician, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Hilary Madinger, MS – pursuing a PhD at University of Wyoming

Patrick Ferguson, MS – Environmental Scientist, California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Nick Reising, MS – Research Consultant, Eli Lilly

Lora Smith, MA – Community Heart and Vascular Clinic

Jenell Brown, BS – pursuing a MS at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Ann Raffel, BS – pursuing a MS at Portland State University

Allison Veach, MS – pursuing a PhD at Kansas State University

Nathan Bunch, MS – Microbiologist, Sigma Tau Pharmasource

Aubrey Bunch, MS – Biologist, United States Geological Survey

Erika Martin, BS – pursuing a PhD at Kansas State University

Michael Brandenburg, BS – pursuing a MS at Ball State University

Emily Cross, BS – research scientist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Travis Porter, BS – Microbiologist, Zimmer

Lisa Bourdon, BS – pursuing a MS at the University of Colorado