Current Projects 

Factors influencing the abundance of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in New Zealand freshwaters. Collaborators: Dr. Christoph Matthaei, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ and and Dr. Randall Bernot, Ball State University.

RiverPACE: A Nationwide Riverine Pharmaceutical Assessment, Collection and Education Project. Collaborators: Dr. Jesse Becker and Dr. Tom Lauer, Ball State University. Funded by the Discovery Group.

Spatial and temporal variation in pharmaceuticals concentrations in freshwaters and effects on microbial activity and aquatic organisms. Funded by Indiana Water Resources Research Center, United States Geological Survey, Indiana Academy of Sciences, Lilly V, Ball State University faculty grant and Ball State University student research grants.

Quantifying herbicide and pesticide abundance in central Indiana freshwater and assessing influence on freshwater ecosystems through immersive student learning opportunities.  Funded by Ball State University Immersive Learning grant and Ball State University student research grants.

Long-term water quality analyses in the Upper White River Watershed.  Funding by the Discovery group and Indiana Academy of Science.

Previous Projects 

Development of Microelectrode Instrumentation (MI) for novel assessments of microbial biofilms in ecological applications.  This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation IDBR(EAGER)-1011787.

Microbial biofilm dynamics in Devils Hole, Nevada, for assessments of the endangered Devils Hole pupfish habitat.  Funded by the National Parks Service. Collaborator:  Dr. Kevin Wilson, National Park Service.

RUI: Human and disease impacts on aquatic communities:  effects of trematodes and nanomaterials on freshwater benthic interactions.  Funded by the National Science Foundation DEB-0949746.  Collaborator:  Dr. Randall Bernot, Ball State University.

West Nile Virus Surveillance in Indiana.  Funded by the Indiana State Department of Health sub-award from the Center for Disease Control.  Collaborators:  Dr. Randall Bernot, Ball State University; Dr. Bryan Price, Indiana State Department of Health.

Influence of Urban Hardscapes on Water Quality.  Collaborators:  Randy Bernot, Martha Hunt and Meg Calkins (Landscape Architecture).  Funded by the Ball State University Enhanced Provost Initiative.

Nitrogen cycling in agricultural streams.  Funding provided by Indiana Academy of Sciences and Louis Stokes Fellowship.

Factors influencing preferential uptake of nitrate-nitrogen, ammonium-nitrogen, and organic-nitrogen by stream heterotrophs and autotrophs.  Funded by Ball State University New Faculty Research Grant.